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My Bio

My name is Elizabeth.I am peurtorican,french,spanish,and italian.I have a boyfriend named Michael who I love VERY much he is 39 yrs old and we live together.I also am a therian.I am a very sexual and aggressive person.I get constant cravings for what I do not know because food does not help.So much so that I gain weight very fast because of all the food I consume to stop it.I am not hungry when I have cravings.I can eat a handful of food and be full for the day but the cravings make me eat more than that.I tend to be depressed and feel like an inner calling like I have to go somewhere I do not know where but I feel this way alot.I am also a very loyal person.When I care about someone I feel a personal need to protect that person to the death.Like I live for protecting that person.But I DO NOT trust easily.I am also a very playful person I like to play around with my boyfriend all the time.I love horror movies of all kinds.I am very quiet and people tend to stay away from me apparently I look intimidating.I think it is because of the wolf soul that I have.But once you get to know me I am extremely nice and non-judgemental.Pressure of any kind has no affect on me I was a born leader and I take charge in any situation.If you want to talk to me I would be glad to hear from you.I don't like to go out much except at night but when I do it is usually to the city or woods I love the cold and I like laying in the bed cuddled up with my man while the winter air comes in thru the window.I can go out in the cold with nothing on for up to an hour and not feel cold and I have done this before.I NEVER get sick no matter what kind of weather I stay out in.I also don't get surprised easily tell me anything I bet you it will have no affect.I don't feel pity for anyone I find it hard because I have had such intense pain that I anger at people because their pain is so petty they claim to feel pain but they don't know TRUE pain.I am currently looking for a slave .Imagine having someone to beat to stab and whip and humiliate to bend them in a way that they are NOTHING without you.They do whatever you want because it's all they know.I only take male slaves I have no interest in females. WHERE TO REACH ME my name there is howldeepsoul under the name skinnypuppy156 name is _murderousvengence_ yahoo is ladygraywolfnyc aim is howl_deep_soul is howl_deep_soul.

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highschool student

My Hobbies

going to school,hangin out,living with my boyfriend,meditating,researching.

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